About Loomings

When we first began the process of reviving and revivifying Loomings, differentiating it from other established journals as well as the ghost of Loomings past, we found ourselves observing the literary landscape and seeking a distinctive approach for this enterprise. Many publications today seem to be missing the voices of students—voices of millennials and younger generations. In an age where digital technology and social media have made it possible for voices of all kinds to be heard in as little as 140 characters, this absence of young writers strikes us as something of a cultural oversight on the part of the publishing industry.

 Loomings is very well suited to rectify this. As English majors of the not-so-distant past, we are fully aware of the power and importance of young student writers. We also recognize the difficulties of having one’s writing taken seriously when put up against established literary goliaths. What we aim to do at Loomings is provide a platform for the stories and poems of young writers across the nation. By publishing exclusively undergraduate works, Loomings is excited to help cultivate the next wave of American writers. We want to give undergraduates  a place to have their works taken seriously and, in doing so, to provide a network for the burgeoning voices of American literature. With the inaugural release of the newly refurbished Loomings, we aim to nourish and encourage the first voices of the twenty-first century.

Finally, we wish to thank the English Department and the Dean’s Office of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Long Island University, Post for its support and for giving us this exciting opportunity.


Erika Van Patten
Graduate Assistant, Department of English
Long Island University, Post

Thomas Fahy,
Professor of English and Creative Writing
Faculty Adviser and Director of English Graduate Studies
Long Island University, Post

Editorial Staff

Julianna Orlassino, Long Island University, Post Undergraduate
Isadora Petrovsky. Long Island University, Post Undergraduate